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CO2 storage

Can geotechnical actions help to preserve the natural basis of life for future generations?Can geotechnical actions help to preserve the natural basis of life for future generations? Source: BGR

Our whole society is based on fossil fuels. For years to come, we will not yet be able to cover our needs for mobility, electricity and heat through renewable energies alone. On the other hand, the industrial CO2 emissions are suspected to be responsible for climate change. In the Kyoto protocol, the European countries have committed themselves to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions by 8% from 1990 to 2012. The German government wants to reduce Germany’s CO2 emissions til 2020 by up to 40% (Source: overall strategy for the energy transition).
One option to reduce emissions is to capture CO2 from large power plants and industry complexes and store it in deep geological formations. This so-called CCS technology (Carbon Dioxide Capture and Storage) is currently being put to the test at industrial scale.

Since 2000, BGR has been examining various aspects of the underground storage of CO2 in various locations and regions inside and outside Germany, partnered by national and foreign research institutions, geological surveys, and industry players. This expertise is the base for BGR’s main task of neutrally and soundly advising German government and society on CCS development and application.


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