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Wissenschaftliche Ergebnisse der Polar-Expeditionen der BGR

ExpeditionSeasonMajor results (expedition volume or single contributions)
GANOVEX I1979/80Geologisches Jahrbuch Reihe B, Band B 41 (1981).
GANOVEX II19981/82Some results included in Geologisches Jahrbuch Reihe B, Band B 60 (1984).

N. W. Roland (Ed.) Geologisches Jahrbuch Reihe B, Band B 60 (1984).

F. Tessensohn & N. W. Roland (Eds.) Geologisches Jahrbuch Reihe B, Band B 66 (1987).


H.-J. Dürbaum & F. Tessensohn: BGR Circular 3 (1986).

D. Damaske & H.-J. Dürbaum (Eds.) Geologisches Jahrbuch Reihe E, Band E 38 (1989).

Contributions in: M.R.A. Thomson, J.A. Crame & J.W. Thomson (eds.): Geological evolution of Antarctica, Cambridge University Press (1991).


N.W. Roland, G. Kleinschmidt & W. Buggisch: BGR Circular 7 (1988).

Polarforschung 63. Jahrgang (1994) and Polarforschung 63. Jahrgang (1995).



D. Damaske & J. Fritsch (eds.): Geologisches Jahrbuch Reihe E, Band E 47 (1993).

N.W. Roland (ed.) From Oates Coast to Marie Byrd Land.- Geologisches Jahrbuch Reihe B, Band B 89 (1996).

F. Tessensohn & C.A. Ricci (eds.) Aspects of a Suture Zone. Mariner Glacier Area, Antarctica.- Geologisches Jahrbuch Reihe B, Band B 85 (2003).


Polarforschung 60/2 (1992).

N.W. Roland (ed.) From Oates Coast to Marie Byrd Land.- Geologisches Jahrbuch Reihe B, Band B 89 (1996).

Damaske, D., Behrendt, J., Mccafferty, A., Saltus, R. & Meyer, U. (1994): Transfer Faults in the Western Ross Sea: New evidence from the McMurdo Sound/Ross Ice Shelf aeromagnetic survey (GANOVEX VI). - Antarctic Science, 6: 359-364.

CASE 1 (Svalbard)1992F. Tessensohn (ed.): Intracontinental Fold Belts: CASE 1, Spitsbergen.- Geologisches Jahrbuch Reihe B, Band B 91 (2000).

N.W. Roland (ed.) From Oates Coast to Marie Byrd Land.- Geologisches Jahrbuch Reihe B, Band B 89 (1996).

S. Estrada (ed.): Geology and Geophysics of Marie Byrd Land, Northern Victoria Land, and Oates Coast. GANOVEX VII.- Geologisches Jahrbuch Reihe B, Band B 95 (2001).

CASE 2 (North Greenland)1994Contributions in Polarforschung Jahrgang 68 (2000) and Polarforschung Jahrgang 69 (2001).
EUROSHACK1994/95Terra Antartica, 6 /3-4 (1999).
GEOMAUD1995/96H.-J. Paech (ed.): Geologisches Jahrbuch Reihe B, Band B 96 (2004) and Geologisches Jahrbuch Reihe B, Band B 97 (2005).
PMAP-CASE1997/98Nelson, J.B., Damaske, D., Marcotte, D., Hardwick, D., Forsyth, D., Keating, P., Pilkington, M. & Okulitch, A. (1998): Preliminary results of the 1997 Polar Margin Aeromagnetic Program survey of northern Greenland and the Lincoln Sea.- Geological Survey of Canada, Current Research 1998-D: 37-42.
TAMARA 1997/98Damaske, D., Finn, C.A., Moeller, H.-D., Demosthenous, C. & Anderson, E.D. (2002): Aeromagnetic data centered over Skelton Neve, Antarctica: A website for distribution of data and maps (on-line edition). - U.S. Geological Survey Open-File Report 02-452.
1998Paech, H.-J. et al. (2000): New results of the Moma Rift System and coeval structures in Yakutia, Russian Federation.- New Results of the Moma Rift System and Coeval Structures in Yakutia, Russian Federation.
NOGRAM1998Meyer, U., Damaske, D., Steinhage, D., Nixdorf, U. & Miller, H. (2001): First Highlights from NOGRAM '98 - Northern Gravity, Radio Echo Sounding and Magnetics. - Polarforschung, 69: 25-33.
CASE 4, 5, 6
(Ellesmere Island)
U. Mayr (ed.): Geology of northeast Ellesmere Island adjacent to Kane Basin and Kennedy Channel, Nunavut.-Geol. Survey of Canada Bulletin 592 (2008).
Piepjohn, K., Gosen, W.v., Estrada, S. & Tessensohn, F. (2007): Deciphering superimposed Ellesmerian and Eurekan deformation, Piper Pass area, northern Ellesmere Island (Nunavut).- Can. J. Earth Sci., 44: 1439-1452.
Estrada, S., Henjes-Kunst, F., Melcher, F. & Tessensohn, F. (2010): Paleocene alkaline volcanism in the Nares Strait region: evidence from volcanic pebbles.- Int. J. Earth Sci. (Geol. Rundsch.), 99: 863-890.
GANOVEX VIII1999/2000E. Bozzo & D. Damaske (eds.): Terra Antartica Reports, No. 5 (2001).
D. Damaske & E. Bozzo (eds.): Terra Antartica, 10/3 (2003) (2003) and Terra Antartica, 11/1 (2004) (2004).
(Ellesmere Island)
2001Estrada, S., Piepjohn, K., Henjes-Kunst, F. & Gosen, W.v. (2006): Geology, Magmatism and Structural Evolution of the Yelverton Bay Area, Northern Ellesmere Island, Arctic Canada - Polarforschung 73 (2/3), 59 – 75, 2003 (erschienen 2006)
NARES STRAIT I and II2001/03Polarforschung 76. Jahrgang (2006).
(Polar Urals)
PCMEGA2002/03N.W. Roland & C.J.L. Wilson (eds.): Terra Antartica, 12/2 (2005) (2005) and Terra Antartica, 14/1 (2007) (2007).
REVEAL/CTAM2003/04Anderson, E.D., Finn, C.A., Damaske, D., Abraham, J.D., Goldmann, F., Goodge, J.W. & Braddock, P. (2006): Aeromagnetic and Gravity Data Over the Central Transantarctic Mountains (CTAM), Antartica: A Website for the Distribution of Data and Maps. – USGS Open-File Report 2006-1255, Reston.
Finn, C.A., Goodge, J.W., Damaske, D. & Fenning, M. (2006): Scouting Craton's Edge in Paleo-Pacific Gondwana.- In: D.K. Fütterer, D. Damaske, G. Kleinschmidt, H. Miller & F. Tessensohn (eds.), Antarctica: Contributions to global earth sciences, p. 165-174 (Springer).
(Ellesmere Island)
2004Piepjohn, K., Estrada, S., Reinhardt, L., Gosen, W.v. & Andruleit, H. (2007): Origin of iron-oxide and silicate melt rocks in Paleogene sediments of southern Ellesmere Island, Canadian Arctic Archipelago, Nunavut.- Can. J. Earth Sci., 44: 1005-1013.
Estrada, S., Piepjohn, K., Frey, M.J., Reinhardt, L., Andruleit, H. & Gosen, W.v. (2009): Pliocene coal-seam fires on southern Ellesmere Island, Canadian Arctic.- N. Jb. Geol. Paläont. Abh., 251: 33-52.
GANOVEX IX2005/06Polarforschung 80. Jahrgang (2011).
AGAP/GIGAGAP2008/09Bell, R.E., Ferraccioli, F., Creyts, T.T., Braaten, D., Corr, H., Das, I., Damaske, D., Frearson, N., Jordan, T., Rose, K., Studinger M. & Wolovick, M. (2011): Widespread Persistent Thickening of the East Antarctic Ice Sheet by Freezing from the Base.- Science, 331: 1592-1595 [DOI:10.1126/science.1200109].
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