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BGR supports the monitoring of the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty (CTBT) on behalf of the German Federal Government. For this purpose, BGR operates monitoring stations in the Bavarian Forest and in the Antarctic, in addition to the national data centre in Hannover. The seismic and infrasound stations form part of the Vienna-based CTBT Organization’s global monitoring system.

In the course of a research project, BGR scientists have now been able to show that explosions or earthquakes can be localised more precisely if, in addition to seismic waves, infrasound signals from the event are simultaneously recorded. Thus, ‘seismoacoustics’, i.e. a combination of seismology and infrasound analysis, provides an opportunity to better characterise future nuclear tests and their effects. You can find out more about the new investigation method in our cover feature ‘Listening Out for Peace’ on page 60.

Electromobility is becoming increasingly significant, which leads to a rising demand for specialty metals such as lithium or neodymium. Today it is still unclear, how the demand for specialty metals required for other upcoming technologies can be covered. A new study by BGR's German Mineral Resources Agency (DERA) has investigated how commodity demand is developing in important future technologies. Read the article on the results of the study on page 6.

The condition of forest soils in Germany has improved since the 1990s. This is confirmed by BGR analyses. For example, they reveal that the heavy metal content of the soil is largely harmless. Find out more about the investigations on page 26.

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