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Remote sensing

BGR Remote Sensing deals with the observation of the earth surface with regard to composition and dynamic processes at various spatial and temporal scales. BGR remote sensing activities involve application-oriented operation for Remote Sensing and proximal sensing data and methodological development, relevant for a broad range of applications. Remote Sensing data are mainly acquired air or space borne, commonly complemented by in-situ measurements in the field or laboratory. The additional operation of AUV’s (unmanned aerial vehicle) is recently tested.

BGR Remote Sensing is based upon and combines multispectral- and hyperspectral techniques, radar technology and thermal surveys. The focus is on the application of remote sensing techniques and the development of new and automated methods and standards for analysis and extraction of detailed information. The application and development of remote sensing methods provide the basis to undertake tasks on national and international level for the investigation, mapping and evaluation of geology, geo-hazards, environment, soils, water and raw materials.
Important for remote sensing oriented tasks at BGR are the cooperation with BGR’s thematic disciplines. In addition, BGR remote sensing collaborates with partners from national and international geological surveys, research institutions and industry on different questions regarding remote sensing applications and method development. BGR remote sensing is also responsible to advice politics, society and industry competent and uncommitted based on most recent scientific and technical standards.

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