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BGR’s helicopter Sikorsky S-76B

BGR’s mobile research and measuring platform

BGR helicopter and electromagnetic sensor in front of the BGR buildingBGR helicopter and electromagnetic sensor in front of the BGR building Source: BGR

Helicopters are generally used for research purposes and surveys if geophysical measurements on ground are too sumptuous and the topographic conditions do not allow contour flights by fixed-wing aircrafts, landings far from airports or landing strips are necessary or a limited area has to be surveyed very densely.

In 1986, the helicopter type Sikorsky S-76B that is used today, was acquired by the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development and handed over to BGR as a survey helicopter. The helicopter is used for surveys in the field of economic cooperation with developing countries as well as for BGR’s own research and measuring surveys and contracted surveys. It has high-class technical-scientific basic equipment which can be variegated and complemented according to the surveys.

Table 1: Technical specifications of the BGR helicopter D–HBGR
TypeSikorsky S-76B (Manufacturer: Sikorsky, USA)
Year of manufacture1986
Engines2 turbines Pratt & Whitney PT6B-36A
with 1033 SHP (shaft horse power) for each
Maximum gross weight11.700 pounds (5.363 kg)
Maximum payload3.300 pounds (1.500 kg)
Maximum flight duration2 h 45
Fuel consumption350–400 l

Basic system:

The helicopter is used as a measuring and research platform and it is equipped with video camera, radar altimeter, navigation system, cargo hook and plug for external measuring probes for the execution of survey flights using BGR's measuring system that normally comprises the methods electromagnetics, magnetics and radiometrics.


The helicopter can be used as a carrier for other measuring systems, like for example airborne radar, remote sensing or gravimetric equipment.

BGR’s basic airborne geophysical system is introduced in detail in Description of the aerogeophysical measuring system of the BGR (PDF, 111 KB)

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