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Applied Geophysics

The exploration of the earth's structure using physical methods

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The physical conditions and processes in the interior of the earth, at its surface, in its atmosphere as well as in the surrounding planetary space are the general objects of geophysical examinations.

Geophysics tries to comprehend these natural conditions metrologically in order to develop an image of the earth’s structure.

Especially, BGR concentrates on the exploration of the earth’s upper crust, from where we obtain our raw materials and the earth's surface, where we live.

In geophysics, there are several methods:

  • Seismics – Examination of the behaviour of elastic waves in the underground,
  • Seismology - Examination of seismic waves in the earth's interior, caused by earthquakes, volcano eruptions, etc.
  • Potential field methods – Measuring the earth’s magnetic field, respectively gravity field,
  • Electromagnetics – Exploration of the underground exploring its electromagnetic properties,
  • Radar technology - Exploration of the earth's near surface und subsurface mining structures,
  • Radiometry – Exploration of the underground’s natural radiation.

Geophysics, geology and geochemistry are closely linked which is mirrored in the cooperations within and outside BGR.

For further reading, there is a wide range of textbooks on all fields of geophysics in German and English.


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