BGR Bundesanstalt für Geowissenschaften und Rohstoffe

Geodata management


BGR as geoscientific authority of the federal German government collects scientific data in national and international collaboration. These data collections comprise for example

  • location based data as chemical analyses of soil samples or geophysical measurements
  • areal data and lineaments representing geophysical, geological or pedological situations.

According to the federal structure of german authorities, BGR deals with areal data in Germany at scales 1:200000 and lower. Maps of higher resolution are prepared by the State Geological Surveys.

A central access to geoscientific data is set up for the user via the term “geodata management” at BGR’s website.
This access point allows users to find geodata as well as to access internet applications of various geoscientific disciplines. Standardised web services (e.g. WMS) are listed, described and can be popularized using the GeoViewer.

Geodata prepared for selling are listed at the product pages.

Our general terms and conditions of business can be found here: General standard terms and conditions GSTC (PDF, 76 KB).

If you miss certain products you need or have questions about our data please contact the head of the appropriate department mentioned at each product page.


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