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Marine data archives

Many ongoing and past projects in the field of marine resource exploration involve the acquisition of marine seismic data. Since 1974, BGR is systematically archiving these. Therefore, all information are still available for advisory requests as well as for future research projects. Until 2016 more than 325.000 line km were recorded as seismic profiles.

öffnet Messgebiete

All raw data of these measurements are archived on magnetic tapes. An overview sorted by region and expedition can be found here.

During the European project Geo-Seas a total of 1530 processed seismic lines were added to the Geo-Seas data base and are accessible via a search screen.

öffnet Geoviewer

In line with the implementation of the INSPIRE Directive the seismic data with within the German Exclusive Economic Zone were transferred to the central BGR data base and are accessible via the Geoviewer.

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