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SCRREEN (Solutions for CRitical Raw materials – a European Expert Network)

Country / Region: Europe

Begin of project: November 1, 2016

End of project: April 30, 2019

Status of project: March 1, 2017

The Horizon2020 funded project SCRREEN aims at gathering European initiatives and projects working on critical raw materials (CRM) into a European Expert Network on Critical Raw Materials.
An important part of the work to be done in SCRREEN will be to identify, collect and gather the existing data. The clustering activity brings together information from relevant existing projects and initiatives dealing with CRM (MICA, Minerals4EU, CRM InnoNet, MSP-REFRAM/PROMETIA, ERECON etc.).
Together with four other geological surveys (GTK, BGS, SGU, GEUS) BGR contributes to work package 3 “Mapping CRM supply for EU from primary and secondary sources”. The aim of this work package is to identify and quantify CRM resources in primary sources and secondary sources including mine wastes and urban mines in order to determine the potential for their extraction in Europe. The work package will also look at the supply of so-called high-tech metals (such as tellurium, bismuth and selenium) which are extracted as by-products. In addition, the aim is to assess global production trends in order to analyse Europe’s current and future position in global markets and to support sustainable CRM supply to Europe by formulating recommendations.

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SCRREEN EU - Solutions for CRitical Raw materials - a European Expert Network

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Dr. Henrike Sievers
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Dr. Michael Szurlies
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