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Milestones Well Horstberg Z1

Report of the project:

TimeMilestones Well Horstberg Z1
November 2017Closed circulation test between Detfurth (injection) and Solling(production) (set up)
December 2016  Production tests from the sandstone formations Detfurth- and Solling (Test setup)
Jun. - Nov. 2016Rehabilitation and re-commissioning of the drilling site (before rehabilitation, after rehabilitation)
December 2015Approval and permission by LBEG to perform production tests
November 2015Approval of the project proposal for the period of 01.01.2016 to 31.12.2018
August 2015Submission of a R & D proposal: "Thermal water circulation in the deep borehole Horstberg Z 1 - Characterization of an artificially created heat exchanger and geochemical investigations"
February 2015Application for a permission to conduct research for geothermal energy at the mininig authority (LBEG)
July 2009 - April 2016July 2009 - April 2016 - The Horstberg Borehole was temporarily closed.
May - July 2009Different types of the production tests
Dec. 2008 - Mar. 2009Removal of the leaky packer in the borehole. Installation of a new packer. Re-perforation of the Solling sandstone. (Rig)
September 2007Low-rate injection test to determine the hydraulic properties of the induced fracture and Detfurth sandstone.
June 2006 - March 2007Production and injection tests separately from the sandstone formations: Detfurth and Solling (logging winch, gauge, production test)
2005/2006Enlarging of the drilling site as a permanent test field (High-pressure pumps, pump chamber for U-pump, logging winch, container, etc.)
Nov./Dec. 2004Packer setting in approximately 3770 m depth; Circulation between Detfurth (injection) and Solling (production)
Jan./Febr. 2004Cyclic production and injection tests on a daily and weekly basis (Scheme, group picture)
Oct./Nov. 2003Massive water fracturing in the Detfurth sandstone at approx. 3780m depth (Drill site, visit of BGR President)
September 2003Partial filling of the borehole  below 4100 m / sealing of the gas bearing formations (Workover rig, Drilling site)
July 2003Transfer ceremony of the well Horstberg Z1 to BGR

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