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Technical Cooperation Geothermal Energy Central America

Report of the project:

The BGR supports partner institutions in Central America in the exploration of selected geothermal fields as well as in the general advancement of geothermal development in a regional cooperation project.

Masaya Volcano, NicaraguaMasaya Volcano, Nicaragua Source: BGR

The countries of Central America are located on a subduction zone along the so called ‘Ring of Fire’. Because of this geological setup, many volcanoes can be found in Central America. A lot of these volcanoes are still very active, as for example Masaya Volcano in Nicaragua. The increased volcanic activity in these countries accompanies a high geothermal potential. However, currently only a very small percentage of this potential is utilized for power generation or direct use. One of the reasons for this is the high risk associated with the successful development of a geothermal resource. A thorough feasibility study is therefore required to minimize this risk and to attract investors. However, the authorities in these countries often lack experienced technical staff to conduct good geoscientific studies for geothermal exploration.

Project description:
One aspect of the regional geothermal energy project for Central America is a technical cooperation between the partner institutions and the BGR. As part of this cooperation, explorations campaigns will be carried out with the project partners in selected geothermal fields to train the technical staff and carry out thorough feasibility studies for new geothermal projects.

Contact 1:

Dr. Christina Walter
Phone: +49-(0)511-643-3195

Contact 2:

Dr. Franz May
Phone: +49 (0)511-643-3784

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