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Subsurface use / CO2 storage

The geological subsurface offers a wide range of use options. These include the extraction of raw materials, the production and intermediate storage of conventional and renewable energies, and the permanent storage of carbon dioxide (CO2) and waste. Due to the increasing share of fluctuating renewable energy sources in the electricity sector (e.g. solar and wind), new challenges emerge while ensuring a stable and reliable energy supply. As adjustable renewable energy sources like geothermal energy and stored renewable energy (e. g. in salt caverns or porous rocks) become more important, additional use of the subsurface is claimed.

Due to these increasing demands on subsurface use, BGR receives more inquiries regarding subsurface use options as well as potential synergies and competitions in subsurface use. In order to respond to these requests, up-to-date and comprehensive information on the geological subsurface is required. Information available to date only allows for a very limited mapping of areas that appear suitable for specific use options and claims.

BGR works in the fields of

The work includes the development of geological information across the federal state level in coordination or cooperation with the federal state geological survey organisations. In addition, BGR develops and tests utilisation concepts within research and development projects.


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