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The cornerstone of European cooperation has been already set on the 2nd International Geological Congress 1881 at Bologna with the decision to publish the Geological Map of Europe, scale 1: 1 500 000.


Since this time, the BGR is a decision-making partner in European projects with the aim to harmonize the geological data across borders and to provide them to the general public.

The current summit of cooperation was reached in late 2010 when the OneGeology-Europe portal went online, which in addition to the harmonized geology at the scale 1:1.000.000 provides a translation of the geological terms in 17 European languages.

In cooperation with the Commission for the Geological Map of the World (CGMW) and UNESCO BGR published different geological maps of Europe. The geological information and the data which were needed for the mapping was collected from sources of geological surveys of Europe (EuroGeoSurvey) and other European research institutions.


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