BGR Bundesanstalt für Geowissenschaften und Rohstoffe

Geological information

"I want to know what keeps the world together." - Goethe; Faust

Geoscientific data play an important role in various processes at different political, economic and social levels.

The problems they have to contribute often have a direct impact to quality of our life and not least to our security.

"... The air is cool and nightfall, The calm Rhine courses its way; The peak of the mountain is sparkling ..." Heinrich Heine, "The Loreley"Loreley: shale rocks on eastern bank of Rhine at Sankt Goarshausen Source: P.Gdaniec - BGR

Energy and water supply, raw material availability, building industries or urban development - detailed geological information helps us to speed up complex political and economic decision making, support our economy, promote the development of regions or simply satisfy our very own curiosity - the gear of science.

BGR, the central federal institution in the field of applied geosciences, makes compiled geological information available reclaiming high scientific commitment.

A major focus is the developing and application of geo-scientific standards for both the Federal Republic of Germany and, in cooperation with international partners, in Europe and other space.


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