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Milestones of the Genesys Project

Report of the project:

TimeMilestones Well Hannover
May 2011Water-Frac (amount: 20,000 m³, flow rate: 5 m³/min, wellhead pressure: app. 400bar)
January 2011Mounting of a protective string
June 2010Casing perforation and injection test
06th December 2009 Cementation of the last casing string 7" (Liner-Hanger). Final depth: 3901 m
24th June 2009Start of drilling
2nd June 2009Start of mounting of the drilling rig and auxiliary equipment
5th Nov 2008Installation of a monitoring network of microseismic activity around the GeneSys drilling site.
10th June 2008Installation of the surface casing for GeneSys GT1
June 2008Preparation of the drilling site (Starting point for drilling)
5th June 2008Start-up for the construction works for the drilling site of the deep geothermal well GeneSys GT1
March 2007Call for tenders - drilling operation (Projekt team 2007)
May 2006Seismic profile in Hannover (seismic truck, seismic truck)
January 2006Approval of the overall operation plan
February 2005Positive external review of the achieved results in Horstberg – Starting point for “Hannover” (aerial photograph)
TimeMilestones Well Horstberg Z1
September 2007Low-rate injection test to determine hydraulic properties of the fracture and the Detfurth-sandstone
June 2006 - March 2007Productions – and injection tests from/in the horizons Detfurth and Solling, seperately (Logging winch, sensor preparation, injection test)
2005/2006Upgrading of the site to a permanent test site (High pressure injection pumps, Submersible pump, Pump chamber, Logging winch, Container…)
Nov./Dec. 2004Installation of a packer at 3770 m, Circulation between Detfurth (injection) und Solling formation (production)
Jan./Febr. 2004Cyclic production and injection tests on daily and weekly basis (scheme, Wellhead Pressure and Flowrate, crew)
Oct./Nov. 2003Massive waterfrac in the Detfurth sandstone formation at about 3780m depth (test site, Wellhead Pressure and Flowrate, Visit of the BGR President)
September 2003Plugging the well below 4100 m / Separation of the gas bearing formation (Workover Rig, test site)
July 2003Handing over of the well Horstberg Z 1 from EMPG to BGR

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